Little Harvests, Important Yields

Winter is coming. Not in a Game of Thrones way. Before I sound trendy, I’ll admit, the closest I’ve come to GoT is the picture of the intense guy on a throne, with this tagline: Winter is coming. It’s a great tagline, and I’m shamelessly stealing it here. Winter is coming, here, in East Tennessee,Continue reading “Little Harvests, Important Yields”

Built Like a Farmers’ Market

At our farmers’ market this weekend, setting up our tent, and watching those around us set up theirs, it occurred to me: farmers’ markets hold an element of the miraculous. Consider the scene. Grown-ups, in various stages of adulthood from barely at the legal drinking age to well into retirement, and from many walks ofContinue reading “Built Like a Farmers’ Market”

Landing Spots

Today was hard from the moment the chimes of my iPhone wake-up alarm sounded. A quick list includes: the sudden cold and heavy rain; missing some former coworkers known for their no-holds-barred costumes, and festive Halloween snacks (no surprise, this was the children’s room at our downtown library); and kiddo being with her dad forContinue reading “Landing Spots”

Bread, bread everywhere, and not a bite to eat

Oh, y’all, it’s on. I have all these: With more coming in. Thank you, Lord, for my local library. This new life leap includes a baking element. Now, here’s an interesting fact about my baking bread to sell, for this small, commercial kitchen, on this family-run farm: I don’t, in fact, eat bread. I actuallyContinue reading “Bread, bread everywhere, and not a bite to eat”