Friday Finds

I wanted to do a little post here of what I’m enjoying right now. Yay for life’s little pleasures! Sandra McCracken performing Thy Mercy, My God feels like being cocooned in cool temperatures, rainy days, and crackling fires. With Advent right around the corner, Sandra McCracken is coming on strong on my Spotify playlists right … Continue reading Friday Finds

Like a Chef

Our farm to table dinner went down like a house on fire. I don’t know if that’s actually possible? But that feeling- house on fire + it’s going down = exactly what this dinner felt like. Our guests left fat and happy, a salute to what is delicious about Southern eating, with a flourish of … Continue reading Like a Chef

Delicious, Beautiful

Pictured below is the beginning of our second farm-to-table dinner. In the last seven months, I’ve become a farmer-ish, cooker-ish, host-ish person in the last few months. I’ve been a mother, and in only the last week I’ve added wife to those titles. Looking at this photo, I wonder: does that look like much? I … Continue reading Delicious, Beautiful

The Day It Begins

It’s a New Year and there’s a new opportunity in front of me. It’s big. It’s work and love-related and here’s the thing, folks, does that make it just crazy? It’s work and love-related AND it’s a risky endeavor. I alternate between dismissing it, a little mental wave of my hands, an eye roll, “that … Continue reading The Day It Begins