Prayer Face

Do you know the hardest job at church, in my humble opinion? Hospitality? This is no problem. I pride myself on a warm welcome and smacking a nametag on anyone who holds still for 5 seconds. Reading the Psalm? Nah. Be loud. Project. We’re all focusing on reading only the part in bold. Don’t worry … Continue reading Prayer Face

Friday Favs #2

This is the one fav I have right now. I have others, but this podcast, all 4 shows that are thus far released, Dolly Parton’s America, is thrilling my ears, my brain, and my heart right now. All of it. Dolly is a Tennessee treasure, and, as a Tennessee native, she’s someone I essentially dismissed … Continue reading Friday Favs #2

The Glory of Pizza

Being brand new to Jesus, and the Bible He comes with me, means each and every dive into those pages almost always shares something brand new. I wanted to say “reveals” but revelation suggestions deep investigation. Let’s not get carried away: each verse, each chapter, each book, it’s all for the first-time-interesting. I’m literally smacking … Continue reading The Glory of Pizza

Landing Spots

Today was hard from the moment the chimes of my iPhone wake-up alarm sounded. A quick list includes: the sudden cold and heavy rain; missing some former coworkers known for their no-holds-barred costumes, and festive Halloween snacks (no surprise, this was the children’s room at our downtown library); and kiddo being with her dad for … Continue reading Landing Spots

Friday Finds

I wanted to do a little post here of what I’m enjoying right now. Yay for life’s little pleasures! Sandra McCracken performing Thy Mercy, My God feels like being cocooned in cool temperatures, rainy days, and crackling fires. With Advent right around the corner, Sandra McCracken is coming on strong on my Spotify playlists right … Continue reading Friday Finds