Little Harvests, Important Yields

Winter is coming. Not in a Game of Thrones way. Before I sound trendy, I’ll admit, the closest I’ve come to GoT is the picture of the intense guy on a throne, with this tagline: Winter is coming. It’s a great tagline, and I’m shamelessly stealing it here. Winter is coming, here, in East Tennessee,Continue reading “Little Harvests, Important Yields”

Built Like a Farmers’ Market

At our farmers’ market this weekend, setting up our tent, and watching those around us set up theirs, it occurred to me: farmers’ markets hold an element of the miraculous. Consider the scene. Grown-ups, in various stages of adulthood from barely at the legal drinking age to well into retirement, and from many walks ofContinue reading “Built Like a Farmers’ Market”

The Glory of Pizza

Being brand new to Jesus, and the Bible He comes with me, means each and every dive into those pages almost always shares something brand new. I wanted to say “reveals” but revelation suggestions deep investigation. Let’s not get carried away: each verse, each chapter, each book, it’s all for the first-time-interesting. I’m literally smackingContinue reading “The Glory of Pizza”

Landing Spots

Today was hard from the moment the chimes of my iPhone wake-up alarm sounded. A quick list includes: the sudden cold and heavy rain; missing some former coworkers known for their no-holds-barred costumes, and festive Halloween snacks (no surprise, this was the children’s room at our downtown library); and kiddo being with her dad forContinue reading “Landing Spots”

Courage as Big as a Baby’s Finger

I’m about to throw down a metaphor here, and I’m going to ask you to go with me on this. Newborn babies have tiny fingers, but on those tiny fingers they can have long fingernails. Shockingly long, in the case of my daughter, 11 plus years ago. Howards Hughes after a particularly lengthy shut-in long.Continue reading “Courage as Big as a Baby’s Finger”