Built Like a Farmers’ Market

2 thoughts on “Built Like a Farmers’ Market”

  1. Beautiful story! I need those real life stories, too. I daily read my Bible and pray for Holy Spirit inspiration to take their stories and apply them to my own life and culture, but when God speaks through people like you, I feel refreshed to learn new practical life skills and mindsets for today’s time. Your story not only encourages me to share my stories, but also encourages me on my dream of blogging and writing a book! Right now I’m so flustered by all the small steps to take and I want to cry when I think of the mountains to climb to write a book. However, my next right step is NOT to write the book. It’s to write for 15 minutes each day. Sigh. So slow! But everything I take slowly, I cherish. So… slowly…I write.


    1. I am cheering you on! All those small steps – and 15 minutes- add up to so much. That slow writing is such a brave action to take. I’m excited for you and where it takes you. Thank you for sharing, it’s inspiring for those of us reading this. Thank you for these kind words, too. They filled my heart up.


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