Friday Favs #3

Hey there, all my Jesus-curious friends. Let me just lay a hand on your shoulder and gently point you in a good direction. She Reads Truth. It’s a thing. Interested in Jesus? The Bible? Jesus and the Bible? Then She Reads Truth. I don’t remember how I found them, but it’s been a minute. I’m … Continue reading Friday Favs #3

Prayer Face

Do you know the hardest job at church, in my humble opinion? Hospitality? This is no problem. I pride myself on a warm welcome and smacking a nametag on anyone who holds still for 5 seconds. Reading the Psalm? Nah. Be loud. Project. We’re all focusing on reading only the part in bold. Don’t worry … Continue reading Prayer Face

Friday Favs #2

This is the one fav I have right now. I have others, but this podcast, all 4 shows that are thus far released, Dolly Parton’s America, is thrilling my ears, my brain, and my heart right now. All of it. Dolly is a Tennessee treasure, and, as a Tennessee native, she’s someone I essentially dismissed … Continue reading Friday Favs #2

The Glory of Pizza

Being brand new to Jesus, and the Bible He comes with me, means each and every dive into those pages almost always shares something brand new. I wanted to say “reveals” but revelation suggestions deep investigation. Let’s not get carried away: each verse, each chapter, each book, it’s all for the first-time-interesting. I’m literally smacking … Continue reading The Glory of Pizza