Landing Spots

3 thoughts on “Landing Spots”

  1. I really liked this post because of how comfortably it rests on your analogy. A person can learn a lot from chickens if they just pay attention. Dorothy must have known this or she wouldn’t have recommended getting them. You can learn a lot from kids too. Also it doesn’t hurt to have a partner who is loyal and constant in the “being there” sense. One who loves you. You seem to have mentioned everything needed to bounce back from these kinds of days but there is one thing you missed. I call it grit. Grit is that quality that forces you to deal with life even when you’d rather throw you hands up and surrender. Part determination, part courage, part stubbornness. It is obvious you have it in sufficient measure. Hang in there kiddo, Spring is right around the corner.


  2. So true learning to take time for rest and a break is vital to having a balanced life. I don’t know much about chickens but sounds like they could teach me a few things.


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