Friday Finds

I wanted to do a little post here of what I’m enjoying right now. Yay for life’s little pleasures!

Sandra McCracken performing Thy Mercy, My God feels like being cocooned in cool temperatures, rainy days, and crackling fires. With Advent right around the corner, Sandra McCracken is coming on strong on my Spotify playlists right now.

Everything Happens for a Reason: And Other Lies I’ve Loved poked me a few different times. A few writers I like post it on Instagram; its name gets dropped in a podcast I enjoy; I see a blurb about it on Goodreads. Do I pick it up? Yep, just months later. I paid attention, though, and got a-holt of the audiobook, read by the author Kate Bowler. Somehow I breathed my way through it. This memoir of Kate living with Stage-4 cancer, in her 30s with a husband and young son, took a lot of breathing, some deep belly laughs, and a pinch of gaspy crying. Life is precious and unpredictable; God is good and inexplicable. These messages wove in and out of this book, and throughout me as well. It hurt to listen to, and I didn’t want to stop at the same time- that’s writer magic there. What a beautiful, bittersweet gift this book is. Bonus points – Kate Bowler hosts a podcast by the same name as her book, and It. Is. Lovely. Real, honest, funny, tender, and not too long. Perfect combination for a podcast.

Joining the group hope*writers has shown me so many blog happenings in the world. Reading through a selection today, I especially enjoyed the story told here by Andrea Wolloff of the deep meaning of the work we’re all doing.

What are you enjoying these days? Bring your books, your podcasts, and your favored music, too. All are welcome here!

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