Parent Fail: Dinnertime

2 thoughts on “Parent Fail: Dinnertime”

  1. YES! our “family fail “bbn in the eyes of the world is … drum roll, please…FAMILY DINNER! We have busy teens. We have 4 members in our family. We have four different tastes. we have a daughter who is owning her own health and trying new nutrition concepts to see what works for her. We have a son who prides himself on making macaroni and cheese, brownies, and vanilla milk. We have a Father who embraces our uniqueness because He put it in us. And, I am working on embracing it too while saying to the world, “this is what brings us together: no pressure meals.” Our family connects in so many other ways. I live that you do family dinners differently. Your family found the connections in other ways. Beautiful ways.

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