Delicious, Beautiful

Pictured below is the beginning of our second farm-to-table dinner. In the last seven months, I’ve become a farmer-ish, cooker-ish, host-ish person in the last few months. I’ve been a mother, and in only the last week I’ve added wife to those titles. Looking at this photo, I wonder: does that look like much? I read those titles and ask: does that sound like much?

However, when it’s getting dark, and all the tables are set with locally grown tiny orange pumpkins, autumnal-colored gourds the size of your hand, and clean white plates, with twinkle-lights everywhere, and a cool breeze in the air, I hope, I hope, I hope this will be something magical. Simple, seasonal, magical.

In the same way, I want to believe that all those titles, of farming, cooking, hosting, mothering, marriage, and then some – they’re all adding up. They’re more than the sum of their parts. They’re life experience, and life skills. It’s a life, not a job, a concept my new husband constantly reminds me of. This is a concept that I badly want to get my brain and heart around.

Because in this making it up as I go along, pulling it together, with some farming, and some cooking, and some markets, and some dinners, while being a mother, and being, now, a new wife, I’m attempting to build a life of everyday meaning, every day.

I want to give our farm-to-table diners a delicious, beautiful experience. I hope they walk into this big, canopied tent, and all the little parts, the gourds, the lights, the plates, the food: I hope it adds up to something magical for them.

I want to give my family, and myself a delicious, beautiful life. Because it turns out, walking into this big tent of life, this is what lies at the bottom of my heart. A life with my daughter, a life with my husband, a life with my friends, and my parents, a life with our church. A life under God, casting my eyes to everything around me, the cobbled together jobs, the every moment seized with kiddo, the high fives and kisses with the man I married, looking to all these faces I see and love, and saying, “Wow. You give us all this. Delicious. Beautiful.” It doesn’t look like much in pieces and parts, but standing back, with a little distance, it can be magical.

It’s what we’ve got, and it’s enough. I’m hoping you’re able to stand back today, friend, with a little distance, and see all of it, all of these titles and jobs you carry and do, adding up to something delicious. Something beautiful.

Published by Ms E

This is a place for new beginnings. Because new is not easy and beginning is hard. So here we tackle it the same way we eat the elephant... Wife, mother, writer, eater, cooker, farmer, daughter, home-owner, dog-carer, reader, professional list-maker. Part-time worrier. Full-time believer.

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