9:58pm is the perfect time to start.

Prior to spending $48, minus an $8 online coupon I stumbled across (yes!), these were my thoughts I was jotting down in a Word document:

I want to blog and I’m not sure how to start. I feel like there should be something momentous about the first post, but that’s silly, really, isn’t it? I see how blogs start – someone has something to say, so they write it down. I have lots of things to say, mostly the stuff rolling around in my head. SO SAY IT ALREADY. And maybe stop capital-letters shouting at yourself, dear. You haven’t done anything wrong. Just been a little shy.

Blogging. I’m not sure how to do it. Am I writing to counsel others? To get answers for myself? Do I need a theme? Is that how this works? Have I figured things out worth sharing? You can see why this is challenging for me. Plus there’s the pressure of the name.

The Name. Bloggers start with such cute names. Momastery. The Bloggess. But then they so often change. Now it’s Glennon Doyle Melton, or really, just Glennon Doyle. Mind you The Bloggess is still The Bloggess. What would I call myself? I like Ms E Writes. But I expect that’s taken. All the good ones are. I like One Bite at a Time, based on that joke “How do you eat an elephant?” I love that joke. I wish I could remember who first told it to me. I want to say it was one of Kiddo’s friends, but, looking back, it might have been a TV show. (It’s a little terrible how TV, movies, and not quite real things get mixed up in real things, so sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint an actual memory versus something I just happened to read, see, or hear about. Am I the only one who has these faux to real memory lapses? I hope not.) The elephant joke is mixed up for me now. I still love it dearly. It makes my heart exhale, a big sigh of relief. We do this one bite at a time.

Also, I like eating. I would definitely list eating as a pastime. I’m fairly sure I mentioned it here, listing about myself. So that works. Lo and behold, it’s available. So here we are. I’ve committed to a 1-year blog, by paying. At first WordPress had a free student option. However, at some point in clicking around, I must have given away my no-longer-a-student-fully-employed status. Now, at $40 lighter, I’m hoping the spending of real money will encourage me to do real writing on this blog. A little like going to a gym, but in a blog form.

Published by Ms E

This is a place for new beginnings. Because new is not easy and beginning is hard. So here we tackle it the same way we eat the elephant... Wife, mother, writer, eater, cooker, farmer, daughter, home-owner, dog-carer, reader, professional list-maker. Part-time worrier. Full-time believer.

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